Organisation, Management and Control Model - Code of conduct and ethics

FLUID-PRESS S.r.l. - traditionally attentive to the principles of correctness, transparency and legality - has drawn up and adopted a Model of organization, management and control pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, A constantly evolving instrument that identifies the guiding principle of corporate ethics in compliance with the law.
It is the primary interest of our Company that all those who - for whatever reason - work on behalf of FLUID-PRESS S.r.l., carry out their activities in compliance with the principles and values contained in Model 231, as an essential driving tool, promotion and dissemination of correct and linear behaviours, also to guarantee the good functioning, reliability and reputation of FLUID-PRESS S.r.l.

The Board of Directors of FLUID-PRESS S.r.l. has adopted Model 231 since 2022 and appointed a Supervisory Body composed of two professionals outside the Company, Dr. Luca Pandini who holds the role of President of ODV and Dr Carlotta Veneziani, and an internal member, Dr Chiara Tagliavento.

To contact the Supervisory Body autonomously and independently for alerts or information, a special e-mail box is activated:

The following link shows the Code of Ethics adopted by the Company.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors

Albinea, 10th February 2023


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